Barletta DNA Runs Deep

Every Barletta is built with the same DNA so that any model you choose is our best one.


Features you can count on no matter which Barletta you choose.

In all five Barletta classes, we have included the DNA that makes our boats so special. Whether you’re lounging on the Lusso, entertaining on the Corsa, fishing on the Cabrio, relaxing on the Aria, or cruising on the Reserve you can trust that your boat was built with the highest grade materials and strongest frame in the industry.

  • Relax and Enjoy

    Barlettas are built for comfort with the most sturdy construction leaving you with an impeccable ride and safe structure.

  • The Best Value

    We’ve included thoughtful and convenient features standard throughout the entire lineup so that you’re setup for success on the water.

  • Feel Supported

    With world-class Customer Support and the best dealers in the business, you can rest assured you will be supported as a Barletta owner.

Each Barletta is Built with the Same DNA

Every Barletta is built with the same quality materials and attention to detail so that you can feel confident in whichever class you choose. We keep your on-water experience at the forefront of every build, that's why thoughtful features and solid construction run through our entire lineup.

  • Quality Construction

    From the toons up, Barlettas are built with a strong frame and innovative features such as I beam crossmembers. The heavy-duty build ensures a safe and sturdy ride.

  • The Smoothest Ride

    A smooth ride is a comfy ride. Each Barletta starts out with a frame built to glide through any type of water. Using vibration isolation pads, wave tamers, and heavy-duty nose cones, to name a few, your trip will be flawless.

  • Pet Friendly

    Barletta boats are not only built with your comfort in mind, your furry friends are a top priority as well. Each boat is built with pet friendly amenities so that they can get the most enjoyment out of each boat ride.

  • Convenient Amenities

    Convenience is a priority so that your days on the water are a breeze. Deploy the bimini with a push of the button or stow your table away when not in use. These standards are just a few highlights in the made-for-you design of a Barletta.

  • Versatile Floorplans

    Don’t let the floorplan selection fool you, Barletta maximizes the potential in each model by offering versatile furniture that allows you to lounge, be the ultimate co-captain, sit in all different directions and even fish like a champ. Each floorplan is multifunctional so that you get the most out of your pontoon boat.

  • Barletta DNA

    Thoughtful features crafted for you in every boat we build.

    Watch the Barletta DNA come together in the Lusso, Corsa, Cabrio, Aria, and Reserve classes. We build each level with the same quality and standards so that you can't go wrong no matter which one you choose.


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    Ready to jump on board?

    Once you experience the ride on a Barletta, there's only one choice.